Tuscania operation begins for Avimecc Volley Modica, which concludes the regular season tomorrow afternoon at the Palazzetto dello Sport in Montefiascone by visiting Maury’s Com Cavi fourth force of the A3 volleyball championship.

The blue-and-whites, returning from the regenerating success with Sorrento, are expected from the last effort and will have to try to bring home the points necessary to preserve the category without having to go through the Caudine Forks of the play outs.

In fact, the very short classification, especially in the lower part, will not allow Giancarlo D’Amico’s sextet to let their guard down, but a success in Lazio would put the Modica formation safe from any situation.

Whatever the final outcome, the blue-and-whites’ season was full of emotions, pathos and changes of scenery. For long stretches of the championship, in fact, Capelli and his companions fought for a place in the playoffs, but the too many ups and downs of a young team from Modica made the dream vanish and now we have to fight tooth and nail to preserve the category.

The County sextet arrives at the decisive match of the season “loaded”, but with the knowledge that on the other side of the net there will be a team that wants to score full points and that will give away nothing.

In Montefiascone, therefore, it will be the umpteenth battle of this year that will be faced with the right determination and by interpreting in the right way a game that offers the chance to close the salvation speech, therefore for the sextet dear to president Ezio Aprile, it will be a duty do everything in their power to have no regrets.

Tomorrow, therefore, everyone concentrated on the match without thinking about the results of the other competitors, trying to be aggressive and sacrificing themselves on every ball. We will think about what will happen on the other fields interested in salvation at the end of the game.