Game 4 QuarterFinals: Saturday at 8.30 pm Verona hosts Civitanova, Sunday at 6.00 pm Piacenza – Modena with live RAI Sport and Milan – Perugia, closing with Monza – Trento at 8.30 pm

Balance and show in the first round of the Scudetto Credem Banca Play Offs. None of the teams involved gave up after the first three days. On the weekend of Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd April, the calendar of the most exciting phase of the Credem Banca SuperLega reserves four more matches not to be missed. Verona can detach the pass for the Semifinals at home, Modena, Perugia and Trento try to do it away. Civitanova has the task of impacting the series away from the friendly walls, Milan, Monza and Piacenza can count on the field factor to take up 2-2.


Game 4 Quarterfinals – Play Off Scudetto Credem Banca

Sabato 1 aprile 2023, ore 20.30
WithU Verona – Cucine Lube Civitanova
Arbitri: Pozzato Andrea, Zanussi Umberto (Puecher Andrea)
Video Check: Scapinello Alessandro
Segnapunti: Bridda Stefano

Domenica 2 aprile 2023, ore 18.00
Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza – Valsa Group Modena

Arbitri: Vagni Ilaria, Curto Giuseppe (Zavater Marco)
Video Check: Ugolotti Davide
Segnapunti: Marangio Annalia
Diretta Rai Sport
Telecronaca di Maurizio Colantoni e Fabio Vullo

Allianz Milano – Sir Safety Susa Perugia
Arbitri: Florian Massimo, Cerra Alessandro (Lot Dominga, Kronaj David)
Video Check: Buonaccino D’Addiego Michele
Segnapunti: Mariosa Alessia Rosa

Domenica 2 aprile 2023, ore 20.30
Vero Volley Monza – Itas Trentino

Arbitri: Goitre Mauro, Piana Rossella (Giardini Massimiliano)
Video Check: Vangone Deborah
Segnapunti: Salvo Antonino Alessio

Itas Trentino è avanti 2-1 nella serie con Vero Volley Monza.
WithU Verona è avanti 2-1 nella serie con Cucine Lube Civitanova.
Sir Safety Susa Perugia è avanti 2-1 nella serie con Allianz Milano.
Valsa Group Modena è avanti 2-1 nella serie con Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza.

Play Off Scudetto:


Preliminary Play Off 5° Place Credem Banca


The first three days of the Play Off Preliminaries 5th Place Credem Banca ended with clear results, but at the halfway point none of the three teams in the running was able to prevail over the others in the partial classification. In fact, the ranking sees the contenders paired with 3 points each. Sunday 2 April, at 3.30 pm, the lights of the Kioene Arena will come back on for the 1st round of return between the hosts of Volleyball Padova and Top Volley Cisterna. In the match that opened this phase, the Pontine team received a clear stop between the friendly walls against the Paduans, who now want to repeat themselves with the home factor in their favour. In the two subsequent confrontations of the Pool, two home affirmations arrived: Cisterna tamed Taranto without problems, while in the 3rd round the Apulian sextet made up for it at home in 3 sets against Padova.

4th Round Preliminary Round Play Off 5 Posto Credem Banca

Domenica 2 aprile 2023, ore 15.30
Pallavolo Padova – Top Volley Cisterna

Arbitri: Papadopol Veronica Mioara, Armandola Cesare (Sessolo Maurina)
Video Check: Pettenello Davide
Segnapunti: Vigato Elisa

Bye: Gioiella Prisma Taranto

Standings Preliminari Play Off 5° Posto Credem Banca
Top Volley Cisterna 3, Pallavolo Padova 3, Gioiella Prisma Taranto 3.