What happened yesterday in Milan is destined to remain as an indelible passage in the fifty-year history of the Marche club. Accompanying M&G Scuola Volleyball in the 2023/2024 Serie A2 sports season will be the Yuasa Battery brand, a brand of GS Yuasa, a multinational giant and world leader in the field of accumulators. Yuasa Battery Grottazzolina will therefore be the official name of the club at the starting line of the next cadet tournament, in which 14 teams will battle along the boot competing for the only place available to enter the Olympus of national volleyball, the Superlega.

Around the table of GS Yuasa in via Gallarate, the Italian branch of the multinational, sat two companies that are apparently very distant from each other. On the one hand M&G Scuola Pallavolo, a club that has its roots in the Marche region, between Montegiorgio and Grottazzolina: a young and dynamic reality, born in 2008 but with honors and obligations behind it deriving from a very long high-level tradition. The club was represented in the Milanese “expedition” by the vice president Claudio Laconi, the team manager Ferdinando Moretti, the technical director and head coach Massimiliano Ortenzi, the professional journalist Fabio Paci, who has been in charge of the club’s external relations since 1 July.

On the other side GS Yuasa, world leader in the field of accumulators, with headquarters in Kyoto, Japan: 3.7 billion dollars in turnover, 31 production sites worldwide, 6 branches in Europe. One figure above all: 14,000 employees, a much greater number than what is obtained by adding the inhabitants of the two small towns in which M&G Scuola Vollavolo has its roots. It was represented at the brand’s Italian headquarters by Stefano Sopranzi, President and CEO of GS Yuasa Battery Italy, accompanied for the occasion by Alessandro De Rossi, Automotive Sales Manager and Luca Tintinelli, from the Marketing area.