The idyll between ShedirPharma Sorrento and head coach Nicola Esposito continues. The club places maximum trust in the young coastal coach, who after leading the team to the best placing in history in Serie A3, will sit on the bench of the green and white lions for the 12th year in a row.

President Ruggiero confirmed you on the bench of ShedirPharma Sorrento. How much desire is there to start again, and experience the work sessions with the team again?

“The desire to start again is great. After a period of rest in which we recharged our batteries, we are ready to return to daily work. I am very happy with the reconfirmation, and although what is about to begin is the twelfth year with these colours, inside me there is always the enthusiasm of the first day”

There’s been talk of sensational announcements coming your way. Expectations are growing to take a step forward compared to last year.

“The company has done an excellent job on the market, building an important level of staff. Then it will be our turn to demonstrate on the Taraflex that we are a top team. We have tried to form the right mix between established athletes in the category, and young promises with the desire to work and show all their potential”.

What team was built and what are the main characteristics sought in the profiles chosen to form the new roster?

“When choosing young people, we also and above all evaluate the human profile, before the more strictly technical one. The feelings we had with the new athletes during the telephone conversations were positive, so there is a lot of curiosity in getting to know everyone personally as soon as possible.”

What season are you waiting for? The level is growing, with many teams that are building high-quality personnel.

“The season will certainly be challenging, because all the teams are building strong and well-structured teams. We want to compete with all the teams in our group, be on par with the strongest teams, also to repay the important economic efforts made by the club in the transfer market.”

What will be the first things you say at the first training session? How important is it to create the right mix to form a team and obtain results?

“There is still a long way to go before work can resume, so there will be time. I certainly expect a team that will approach their daily work with great humility, to try to improve training after training. Then it will be the task of the more experienced athletes to act as a driving force and model for the younger ones, so that a great group can immediately be created.”