The spiker Nicola Tiozzo returns to Pool Libertas Cantù eight years after the first season he played with the Cantù shirt, in 2015/2016. In the meantime, for him a “trip” to the Super League with the Biosì Indexa Sora shirt, and a lot of Serie A2, with the conquest of two DelMonte® Italian Cups in the cadet category.

Coach Alessandro Mattiroli comments on the confirmation as follows: “Nicola is a player that we strongly wanted both for his characteristics and for his experience in the category. I am very happy that he accepted our proposal. He immediately demonstrated that he is a very intelligent person, as well as a player, and for this reason too I am very happy that he has returned to Cantù.”

These, however, are the player’s words: “Well yes, I’m going back to Cantù! I am very happy to return after 8 years: my special relationship with the city and society, as well as the proximity to home, played a role in my choice. From a certain point of view, ‘it feels strange’ to return to a different age and after having come a long way: I return with different awareness both on a technical and team level. In recent years the championship has been increasingly difficult with a level that has increasingly risen: and I expect the next one to rise as well. Three-four teams have equipped themselves very well and will aim to win, and then there is another set of teams that will try everything to get into the Play Offs. I think our team will be able to do well, but it is a new team : initially we will think by objectives, and the first will be to get to know each other at group level for alchemy and cohesion. I know almost all the new teammates, and they are players who work hard and who give their best, and with this we are already 50% of the way there. The path will be long and tortuous, we will have to work a lot, but I am sure that we will be able to gain some satisfaction. The important thing is that there is positivity in the group, the awareness that we are starting from scratch, and then we will see where we get, but if we work hard we will get somewhere. On a personal level, I aim to reconfirm myself as an experienced player given that it will be my eleventh year in Serie A, I come from a positive season, I carry with me many good feelings, and I will try to pass them on to my teammates. I will try to help those with less experience as much as possible, and give my contribution on the pitch as best as possible.”


NATO A: Chioggia (VE)

IL: 26/05/1993

ALTEZZA: 198cm

RUOLO: schiacciatore


2007-2012: Sisley Volley Treviso (Giov./B2)

2012-2013: Pallavolo Conselice (B1)

2013-2015: Conad Reggio Emilia (B1/A2)

2015-2016: Cassa Rurale Cantù (A2)

2016-2017: Biosì Indexa Sora (A1)

2017-2018: Ceramica Scarabeo GCF Roma (A2)

2018-2020: Olimpia Bergamo (A2)

2020-2021: Banca Alpi Marittime Acqua S. Bernardo Cuneo (A2)

2021-2023: BCC Castellana Grotte (A2)

2023-2024: Delta Group Porto Viro (A2)

2024-…: Pool Libertas Cantù (A2)



Bronzo Mondiale Under 21 (2013)

Oro Giochi del Mediterraneo (2018)

DelMonte® Coppa Italia Serie A2 (2018)

DelMonte® Coppa Italia Serie A2 (2020)