Let’s dance tango at PalaBarton!
Sir Susa Vim Perugia is happy to announce the purchase for the next two seasons of the Argentine central defender Agustin Loser who completes the department of top-level three positions together with the confirmed Roberto Russo, Sebastian Solè and Davide Candellaro.
Twenty-seven years old next October 12th, 201 cm, serve and first half of the highest quality, best blocker of the last Super League with 68 winners and “garra” to spare. This is the quick identikit of the new Juventus signing. A career that started at a very young age in Argentina, first with Ciudad Voley and then with Bolivar with which Agustin won everything in his homeland. In 2020 he landed in Europe with the French team Tourcoing Lille Metropole for two seasons, then arrived in Italy in Milan for two years too. Two years in which Loser faced Perugia several times as an opponent, highlighting his entire repertoire. Now it’s time for a new adventure for Agustin, an adventure to live to the full.
“I’m very happy, I’m joining what is currently the strongest team in Italy and which won everything last year. As a child I watched matches on TV and dreamed of playing in Perugia. At the moment it is one of the strongest teams in the world, I am very happy for this opportunity.”
Here is the first Loser in Block Devils version. In Perugia Agustin will find a large Argentine community with Seba Solè as a partner and Seba Carotti as an athletic trainer.
“I am very pleased to play with Seba Solè, he was an important person who helped me a lot when I arrived in the national team both on and off the pitch playing in the same role. He became a friend of mine, we shared many beautiful memories on the pitch such as the Olympic bronze in Tokyo which will remain forever. I had Seba Carotti my first year in the national team, I learned a lot from him, I’m very happy to find myself with them in Perugia.”
We are already thinking about next season.
“From the outside I imagine a company, a staff and a team where there is great professionalism and where everything works well. I think this aspect was also important to win so much last year because not only the players are important but also all the people behind them.