Cisterna Volley’s new spiker arrives from Venezuela. In the next Super League championship with the Pontine team there will also be Willner Rivas, 29 years old, a 194 centimeter hammer who hits 350 centimeters and blocks 336 centimetres. In the last year he played at Qadsia Sc in Kuwait but in the 2022/2023 season he was in France, in Narbonne, a team that at the time was coached by coach Guillermo Falasca in which Jordi Ramon also played, who will return to be his teammate team next season in Cisterna. In his career he has played in many championships around the world in which he gained great experience.

«Rivas is a player that I have already coached in France and I am convinced that here in Cisterna he will be able to give his contribution to the team and also grow personally, obviously like all players who arrive in the Super League for the first time he will need a period of adaptation but I am sure that having already worked with me and having already been in the team with Jordi Ramon, with whom he shared the receiving line, he will be able to adapt very quickly in our Club – assures coach Guillermo Falasca – Rivas is a great worker and this is one of the reasons why we wanted him in Cisterna, he can resemble Pavle Peric a bit as a type of athlete and he will have to work hard to give his contribution to the team because we all know how difficult the Super League is.”

Then the coach shifts attention to the team being completed. «Concerning the new arrivals I can say that we have two young players who deserve attention, Pace is a player who has considerable potential and I am sure he will be able to fit into our reality and give us a great boost while Fanizza has great potential but above all he has great margins for growth. important and daily improvement must be his main objective” added the Spanish coach.

Rivas arrives in Cisterna with the aim of contributing to the improvement of the team. «I can’t wait to return to Europe and I can assure you that for me the Italian Super League is a great opportunity, we are talking about one of the best championships in the world and I am really happy to arrive in Italy – declared the Venezuelan player who has I traveled a lot, in addition to France, also in Kuwait, Qatar, Argentina and Lebanon – I consider myself a fairly calm person but at the same time I am very determined in everything I do: as an athlete I like to work with a purpose and in this way I can improve everyday.