The day before the championship final for Sir Susa Vim Perugia.
President Sirci’s Block Devils continue their preparation within the friendly walls of PalaBarton in view of game 1 scheduled the day after tomorrow on Thursday 18 April at 8.30 pm (pre-sale active and proceeding at full speed) against Mint Vero Volley Monza.
Anticipation is mounting in the city and especially in the Pian di Massiano area for the start of the series that awards the Italian title, but the team trains with tranquility and determination, aware of the importance of the moment and the difficulty and danger of the opponent.
The Bianconeri will carry out technical and tactical training this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon, with the final finishing touches on Thursday morning at PalaBarton before the match.
Two days before match 1, Juventus coach Angelo Lorenzetti speaks:
“Nothing needs to be added to a playoff final to make it exciting. It is an unprecedented final and it is a value for volleyball, I think that in the coming years this term will be used often because now balance reigns supreme in the Super League. It’s a final, it’s something that doesn’t happen often so you have to enjoy it all and try to put on your best dress to be worthy protagonists of the event.”
Lorenzetti talks about the “rediscovered” field factor and the opponent for the title race.
“The field factor? The question is legitimate, but must be treated with care. Playing at home is nice and is certainly even better, at the same time it cannot be said that the field factor can be decisive, this year too in the playoffs we saw that this is not the case. However, we are certainly happy to be able to play as much as possible here at PalaBarton. Monza? He put us in difficulty during the season as we did with them and it is normal for this to be the case in a championship where teams fight point to point. In the Italian Cup final they didn’t have an important player like Ran who this year has established himself more and more in terms of quality so Monza has a higher quality compared to the cup. In the semi-final series with Trento he played with a different formation, let’s see if he will repeat this experience or return to the classics. The formula with three spikers is now well known, it gives a lot in terms of technical quality, reception, defense and second touches and Monza took full advantage of it. We will have to be ready for both solutions and try to play our game straight away. From what I’ve seen in recent days the kids are motivated to be protagonists.”
What does Angelo Lorenzetti ask of his boys for this final?
“I’ve already asked a lot of the boys this year,” smiles the Juventus coach. “I hope they enjoy this final, it doesn’t always happen and especially after three finals played during the season. Few athletes who wear the Perugia shirt will be able to live this experience of four finals in one year and therefore this aspect, together with the work done in the gym which has been very good from the Club World Championships onwards, must make them happy to have done everything that was possible. within their possibilities. Now we have to have fun on the pitch and give it our all in a sporting way against our colleagues from Monza.”