There will be no other possibilities after tomorrow evening’s match, at 8.30pm, at the Palasport in Grottazzolina. With a victory each in the first two matches of this semi-final series, Consar Ravenna and Yuasa Battery Grottazzolina are entrusting this play-off with access to the A2 final and therefore the opportunity to keep the SuperLega dream alive. And it won’t just be a match, but also a sort of solemn moment for both teams that can update pages of their sporting history. Ravenna’s first team played in the last final in a national tournament in the 2016/17 season, when they won the playoffs for 5th place in Verona, beating Piacenza and earning a pass for the Challenge Cup which they then raised to the skies of Athens the next year. Grottazzolina won the A3 playoffs two seasons ago and is enjoying a never-before-successful feat: climbing to the SuperLega. These underlinings are enough to give an idea of ​​the very high motivations that both teams will throw into the fray tomorrow evening.
“We have worked all year to get to this point – comments captain Riccardo Goi who knows a lot about challenges of this type, has played them and even won them – and we certainly don’t want to stop here. We will give everything we have to win and reach the final.”
The high level expressed in the first two sets played in the Marche region and the authority with which she won game 2 at Pala De Andrè increased the level of awareness, motivation and self-esteem of Consar, who to access the final will have to crumble the fortress of the Marche sports hall, in which this year the Yuasa Battery won 13 of the 14 matches played: only Siena managed to win in the Marche, 3-2 last March 3rd.
“I expect a match along the lines of the other two – adds Goi -: we know that playing at home they will have an advantage because, as we have already seen, their support is felt and they raise the level of service significantly compared to when they play outside the house. We have to prepare to play another match with high competitive and technical intensity but we are convinced that we can play on equal terms and that we can still put them in difficulty.” Continuity, attitude and the ability to manage decisive moments as happened in race 2 will be needed. Goi looks back at that match. “The second set is what oriented the match, after a first set won by controlling the advantage.