The first playoffs and the first qualification? They are already history: Belluno Volley is ready to dive into the quarter-finals. After eliminating Negrini Cte Acqui Terme, the rhinos are preparing to face a team that has already deserved the spotlight and the main titles of this A3 year: OmiFer Palmi, capable of winning two trophies already (Coppa Italia and Italian Super Cup). It is worth remembering the formula, which changes compared to the initial round of the post season. The series with the Calabrians, in fact, will develop as the best of the three matches: game 1 will take place tomorrow (Sunday 14 April, 6pm), at the Spes Arena, while the second chapter will take place on Sunday 21st (also at 6pm) at the sports hall “Mimmo Surace”. And the possible “beautiful” one, again at the Spes Arena, Wednesday 24th, at 8.30pm.

FEELINGS – Coach Gian Luca Colussi is excited: «The sensations are positive, despite several ailments and physical difficulties. But we are in mid-April, this is normal. The boys really want to get on the pitch and experience this challenge.” The technical depth and wealth of experience make Palmi one of the most highly rated players in the entire Serie A3 panorama: «All true, but it is equally true that we are in the quarter-finals of the playoffs. And you can’t choose your opponent: there are only tough teams at stake. Like OmiFer, of course. But she’s not the only one. In any case, the Calabrians have a strong team: once a somewhat stuttering start to the season was over, they decided to change the coach and the libero. And, gradually, they managed to gain confidence.” In broad terms, the path follows that of Belluno Volley: «Palmi has outstanding individuality – continues the coach – and a high-level diagonal like the one formed by the setter Cottarelli and the opposite player Stabrawa: we are talking about athletes who make the difference. How will we deal with them? Without fear and with the right attitude.”

INFLATE THE SAILS – The public at the Spes Arena is ready to inflate the blue and white sails: «The best position in the standings, achieved in the regular season, is welcome. And thanks to which, in game 1, we will be able to perform at home.” Colussi and the rest of the staff have studied their opponents thoroughly: «Although I am of the opinion that we must focus mainly on ourselves.