It’s time for confirmations, presentations, new announcements. But also greetings: in this regard, Piergiorgio Antonaci, Bartosz Bucko, Simone Orto and Alessandro Stufano will not be part of the squad, linked to Belluno Volley, in the 2024-2025 season.

Professionalism, constant performance, a deep attachment to the shirt and a “Latin” soul, despite his Polish origins, Bucko was among the protagonists of the blue and white ride, which coincided with second place in the regular season and reaching the playoff semi-finals.

And the same goes for the two central defenders of Apulian origin: Antonaci, a fixed piece of the starting six, further raised his performance in a post season in which he proved to be a factor, especially in blocking, while Stufano bids farewell to the Dolomites after two seasons in which he proved to be an important athlete also for the A3 Series. In the season just archived, he managed to make an impact by entering the match in progress: in particular in the away matches against Bologna and Brugherio, marked with 6 blocks (3 in Emilia, 3 in Lombardy).

Orto, however, is destined to continue along his growth path: in addition to his qualities in reception and defense, the nineteen-year-old libero, native of Catania, leaves the memory of a mature person, having always put the good of the team before the personal sphere .

President Sandro Da Rold and the entire club wish Piergiorgio, Bartosz, Simone and Alessandro the best of luck for a future full of satisfactions in volleyball and in everyday life.