Wisdom and leadership to complete the setter department. A.S. Volley Lube announces the hiring of a veteran of the great volleyball world, the Italian-Argentinian Santiago Orduna, born in ’83, 183 cm tall, native of Buenos Aires, with a two-year contract. A highly experienced athlete, with the determination of a boy.

Fresh from the year in Catania, after the “treble” of the previous year in A2 with Vibo Valentia, the newcomer is preparing to face the season n. 17 in Italy and for a rejuvenated group like the red and white one it represents an added value thanks also to the good international experience.

“Santi” boasts spends in the Argentine national team, but also in club teams of his country and in Spain before serving in Italy as a foreigner until the 2011/12 season, before taking the field as an Italian starting from the 2012/13 season thanks to the change of Federation obtained by the FIVB.

The official presentation of the athlete is scheduled for Wednesday 29 May (6.00 pm), at the Eurosuole Forum

Santiago Orduna trained in Argentina beginning his career in the youth team of Banade of Buenos Aires, where he remained until 2002. Then he moved to Spain with his family due to the commitments of his father Guillermo, the coach. His debut in the top flight dates back to 2002/03 with Club Vigo Voleibol. The following year Orduna returned to Argentina, as the metronome of the game at Nautico Hacoaj, and then migrated in 2004/05, to Club Ciudad de Bolìvar, still in the Primera Division. In 2006/07 Santiago responded to the call of Spain, where he stood out in the Club Voleibol Elche, and then moved to Numancia in 2007/08, with whom he won the Copa del Rey. The new entry from Lube found the limelight with the arrival in the Italian Serie A. His debut in Italy took place at Catania in the second national category (2008/09). The years in Città di Castello (2009/10-2010/11) and in Reggio Emilia (2011/12-2012/13) were formative, followed by the happy marriage with Padova (2013/14), a team that led to the SuperLega, entering the Play Off the Scudetto the following year as a freshman. After three years as a dribbler with the Paduans, in 2016/17 Orduna took charge of Modena with whom he won the Super Cup. In 2017/18 he said yes to Ravenna, with which he raised the Challenge Cup to the sky, before moving on to Monza where he won applause for four seasons, also winning a CEV Cup. The last year was more troubled, that of the double return, in Catania and in the SuperLega. Despite the Italian-Argentinian’s flashes of class, the Etna team are unable to maintain their category, also penalized by injuries.