Allianz Milan is an important market with valuable pieces from Italy and the rest of the world. Today’s announcement smells of blue, because it is the officialization of spiker Davide Gardini’s landing under the Madonnina. For the club of president Lucio Fusaro, a player with a heavy, indeed very heavy, surname. His father Andrea is one of the most successful volleyball players in the history of our sport, his mother, Novella Cristofoletti, was also an Italian player and a Serie A player. Davide can be considered the predestined classic, with his 206 centimeters tall, he followed a non-trivial path, after Club Italia he had a stars and stripes experience at Brigham Young University. Then the landing in Padua, the shirt with which he played as a protagonist for the last two seasons. In the 2023-24 Super League championship he was MVP twice. In total he played 5 Serie A tournaments, three of which in A2. As for individual statistics, he has already surpassed the thousand points and one hundred blocks mark. He was born in Montebelluna (Treviso) on 11 February 1999.
Here, as for the other “new” members of Allianz Milano, the first interview with “Gardo” to get to know him a little better.

Welcome Davide, what do you expect from the next season in Milan?
“Obviously I expect a difficult championship, like all SuperLega seasons. Every year the teams equip themselves to improve. The level is always rising and with it the competition. I don’t think there is another more difficult and competitive championship to play in.”

An ever-growing career which also included an experience in the USA, where does Davide Gardini want to go?
“My goal in Milan is to fit in as best as possible in a group that has obviously proven to work in recent years and to try to give my contribution to the team. For me, moving from Padua represented a challenge, but also an unknown. If you change, you never fully know what can happen. But I have good feelings and I really hope that we can still get some great satisfaction at team level, because Milan is crazy and deserves a lot. Regarding my sporting journey, it’s true, it also involved an experience in the United States, two years have passed now, but I think it was something incredible for me, which left a mark on me and will forever remain among my fondest memories. beautiful.”