Domenico Pace is the new libero of Cisterna Volley and arrives from Itas Trentino, the club with which he just won the Champions League. Born in Castellana Grotte in 2000, in his career he has already won a scudetto (again with Trento) in the 2022/2023 season and a Serie A2 championship with Castellana Grotte in the 2016/2017 season. Pace is the second new face of the team led by coach Guillermo Falasca after the setter Alessandro Fanizza, another young player of great quality who joins the confirmations of Michele Baranowicz, Theo Faure, Jordi Ramon, Efe Bayram, Daniele Mazzone and Aleksandar Nedeljkovic.

«For next season one of the objectives can certainly be to try to improve what has been done so far, both in terms of things on the pitch but also for the involvement of the public which I hope will continue to grow – explains Paolo Cruciani, CEO of Gesa Group and member of Cisterna Volley – We came close to making the Scudetto play-offs and I can say that, in many matches, we enjoyed seeing the boys on the pitch battle against the other Super League teams and I am sure that thanks to this desire to fight, other enthusiasts will also approach our project, following the team with ever greater interest and participation.”

So far Pace has played eight seasons in Serie A, of which four in the Super League, two in Serie A2 and the same number in A3. «I chose Cisterna because they strongly wanted me, the club and the technical staff explained the project to me and made me understand that they wanted to focus on me, which is why I was immediately very happy with this – explains Domenico Pace – I got an excellent idea about this team because, last season, it was a team that came close to qualifying for the Scudetto play-offs, annoying many other teams and I hope we can do better next season.”

Domenico Pace
Nato a Castellana Grotte (Bari), 2/8/2000
Altezza: 180 cm
2024/2025 Cisterna Volley – Superlega
2022/2024 Itas Trentino – Superlega
2021/2022 Santa Croce – A2
2019/2021 Tuscania – A3
2017/2019 Castellana Grotte – A1
2016/2017 Castellana Grotte -A2
2015/2016 Castellana Grotte – B1
2013/2015 Castellana Grotte – Giov.

Champions League 2023/2024
Campionato Italiano 2022/2023
Campionato A2 2016/2017