The start of the 2024 calendar year and the return phase of the Serie A3 Credem Banca championship, Blue group, suggests a first summary of the season with the coach of ErmGroup San Giustino, Marco Bartolini. Let’s start from the current situation: Cutrofiano’s 2-3 in the match against Leo Shoes Casarano, who ended 2023 with an extra point, but with the inevitable bitter taste in their mouth. Any regrets about last Saturday’s defeat, also given the good start to the match? “I would also talk about a return for Casarano – states Bartolini – who is going through an excellent moment. It is a team that fights, that defends, that receives well and that switches the ball with great ease. Then when he plays at home, he has a line that becomes really challenging. We were good at starting very aggressively, but unfortunately something went off halfway through the second set and already from the previous one they had tried to push from nine meters, even if the ball didn’t go in, then they found continuity. However, we had the merit of returning in the fourth quarter, because I assure you that – being on the bench – the sensations were not exactly positive: just remember that we were caught at 24-21 and that our opponents tried to close it out. The demonstration came in the tie-break, in which we ran out of petrol; However, I must give credit to the boys, who had been exemplary a few days earlier at home against Fano. We hadn’t recovered something and the away games are very demanding, but fortunately now we will have a calmer period in this respect. Even if I’m not used to talking about individuals, this time allow me to give special thanks to Cappelletti, who made himself available in a difficult role like that of the opposite and in a difficult category like A3; I saw him a little down in Cutrofiano, because he didn’t feel within himself that he had helped the team as he would have liked: instead, I must say that Niccolò never stopped believing in it and that he always hit hard; when they start to measure you and mark you, it’s not easy in a role that isn’t yours. We know we still have an emergency period ahead of us, waiting for Marzolla’s return and in the meantime we are working to be ready for the match against Lagonegro. There is a great desire for redemption: in the first leg we lost 0-3 after a first set that we had certainly led at our best; they came back, took it away from us and we were no longer able to get into the game in the next two halves, so we want to do it again.