First and immediately fundamental match of 2024 for Sir Susa Vim Perugia which they host tomorrow evening at the PalaBarton, with kick-off at 8.30pm with live TV on Raisport ch. 58 and live streaming also on the web platform, the Valsa Group Modena for the quarter-finals in a single match of the Del Monte® Coppa Italia.
Facing the second and seventh at the end of the first round and an inside or outside match for the Block Devils. Whoever wins earns a pass to the Final Four of the competition scheduled for the weekend of 27 and 28 January at the Unipol Arena in Casalecchio di Reno, just outside Bologna.
Tonight the other three quarter-finals with Trento hosting Verona, Monza awaiting Civitanova and Piacenza at home against Milan.
“It was nice to be back on the pitch to help the team,” says Juventus center back Roberto Russo, who returned to full capacity last December 30th in Catania. “It was exciting, there were my family and friends at the stadium who I hadn’t seen for a while, I’m happy to be back on the pitch”.

Russo shifts the focus to tomorrow’s match.
“It’s an inside or outside match, we face a top-ranking opponent like Modena and it will be very difficult. We know that they are a strong team in all fundamentals, with a very good serve and break phase. We must go onto the pitch convinced of our abilities and with the right competitive determination, play to the maximum and concentrate on our half of the pitch. The matches against Modena are always nice to play, we hope that the public will give us a hand and I’m waiting for a full stadium that will push us to do well.”
As mentioned, a fundamental match for Perugia to continue the race towards another important seasonal goal. This afternoon and tomorrow the team will carry out the final finishing touches and study the video of the race. Coach Lorenzetti, who has indicated several times how this match is the most important of the period, and his staff are preparing the match with care and meticulousness. Regarding the Juventus starting seven, the Juventus coach should propose Giannelli as director, Herrera as diagonal, Flavio and Solè as a central pair, Plotnytskyi and Semeniuk as receivers and Colaci as libero.
Valsa Group Modena presents itself at the PalaBarton, like Perugia, determined to win the Final Four. Coach Petrella should trust the 6+1 with the Brazilian Bruno as director and diagonally with the Russian bomber Sapozhkov, Sanguinetti and Brehme should be the protagonists in the center of the net, Juantorena and Rinaldi should act as spikers in the four position with Federici as manager second line operations.