Strengthened by the result of game 1 of the promotion play-off of the Serie A3 Credem Banca championship, Gabbiano Mantova tries to make history and fly to A2 in game 2 in Macerata.

After the 3-1 of the first match, Gola and his teammates just need to win with any score, and coach Serafini’s team tries hard to avoid postponing the outcome of the play-off to game 3, in the event of a success on each side. The “bella” would still be played in Mantua on Sunday 21 April, because Gabbiano obtained the highest score at the end of the regular season.

Game 2 is scheduled for tomorrow at 6pm at the Banca Macerata Forum, a very large venue which will see many fans from the Marche region in the stands, but also a good representation of fans from Mantua, already numerous in game 1.

Gabbiano prepared for game 2 knowing that they could play their cards and thanks to the victory in game 1. Macerata will have the greatest burden on their shoulders, as they are obliged to win if they want to continue to hope for promotion.

The biggest pitfalls for Gabbiano, in Macerata from this afternoon with the entire roster at coach Serafini’s disposal, are represented by the fact that she will play in a large sports hall with many local fans. Without forgetting the value of the Marche team, which dominated the blue group, just as Gabbiano had no opponents in the white one. It is possible that the white-blue team will follow the one that won game 1 even if the strength of the Mantua team lies in having 14 players of the same level.

It is therefore possible to dream big, as emerges in the words of Gabbiano Sports Director Nicola Artoni: «A difficult match awaits us, both due to the value of the opponent and the environment we will find, vast and very hot. But we are motivated and aware of what our value is, we will fight for every ball, from the first to the last point. Let’s go to Macerata to make history.”