For Smartsystem Fano the level of difficulty rises.

After having reached the quarter-finals by eliminating Modica, the Virtussini will now face the Venetians of Senini Motta di Livenza (match 1 Sunday 14 April at 7.00 pm Palas Allende), who finished fifth in the white group (central-north) and were able to oust Savigliano from the playoff race.

The Fano players will be able to take advantage of the field factor given that, in the case of game 3, the best match would be played in Fano.

Nicola Mazzon, who entered the fourth set against Modica, points out: “Now the level of difficulty rises – states the director from Virtussino – Motta is a great team and has played a good championship, but we want to move forward and we will try to do so with all our strengths our strengths.” With the fundamental contribution of the bench: “We are here – continues Mazzon – you see us joking every now and then but we are very ready to lend a hand to the group”.

Marco Marzola’s arrival on the bench of the Venetians in mid-December gave rise to the comeback in the standings of the Mottensi team: before his arrival, Senini was seventh in the standings (5 wins and 6 losses) with 13 points, then they won ten victories against only three defeats, gaining a couple of positions and placing fifth in the regular season. The former coach of Bologna and Portomaggiore seems to have found his ideal sextet by relying on the pairs Catone-Mazzotti (setter/opposite diagonal), Mian-Mazzon as a wing player while in the center two “old” acquaintances of the Virtussini players, namely the Arienti-Luisetto pair, will play , free Pirazzoli.

Fano, who this week renewed the contract of coach Vincenzo Mastrangelo for another two years, will take the field with the typical sextet even if on the bench the various Margutti, Galdenzi and Mazzon are eager to come in and lend a hand to their teammates.