Another match, the last of the Series for Massimo Eccheli’s MINT Vero Volley Monza who wants to continue dreaming of the tricolour of the SuperLega Credem Banca 23-24. Tomorrow, Saturday 14 April, at 6.00 pm (live VBTV), at the “Il T Quotidiano Arena” in Trento, the Brianza team will challenge the reigning Italian champions Itas Trentino in Game 5 of the Semifinal of the Credem Banca Scudetto Playoffs.

An epic series that the two teams are giving to the fans, where the Monza team – having lost the first two matches – rallied together in the most difficult moment, pulling off a superlative performance in Game 3 to take their first historic victory on the Trentino pitch , and then find the equalizer in front of the friendly public. What made the difference in the last two matches for Beretta and his teammates was the serve, with numerous team aces useful to mark the break in the hot phases; in fact, in Game 4 there were 7 winning serves made by the Monza players, led by Takahashi and Galassi.

Furthermore, Monza created a lot of problems for Soli’s team with the super performance of Fernando Kreling, MVP of the last match and capable with a great performance of sending his entire battery of attackers into double figures: Maar (19), Loeppky (17), Takahashi (14), Di Martino (11) and Galassi (10). The Lombards, however, will have to try to continue attacking with precision, maintaining the efficiency of the blocking-defense correlation (Di Martino leading with 5 blocks in Game-4), fundamental which has given so much satisfaction throughout the championship.

A series that seemed to be on its way to sunset has dawned again thanks to the collective success of the Brianza team, thanks to the players on the pitch, but once again to Massimo Eccheli and his staff, good at destabilizing the opponents with a three spiker formation, permitted since the return of Stephen Maar, who gave great solidity to the Monza reception. The two teams, even in the last match, fought with all the resources available, but it was the Lombard giants who found the key solutions in batting and attack in the key phases of a match which saw real domination in the last game, in which Monza was in front from the first to the last point, reaching a gap of 14 points (21-7).