Coach Gianluca Graziosi will be the coach of Emma Villas Siena also for the next sports season. The coach, born in Ancona in 1965, will therefore still be at the helm of the biancoblu association. It is a confirmation for the Sienese team, and Graziosi will therefore work for the third year in the Tuscan company.

Emma Villas Siena places the first fundamental piece of next year’s team, a team that will play in the A2 championship. Coach Graziosi achieved the seasonal objectives of the Sienese team this year, which placed third at the end of the regular season and then reached the playoff final against Grottazzolina.

Leading a lineup that was largely renewed compared to the previous season, Graziosi worked very well with the group, managing to improve the game and team chemistry week after week. Emma Villas Siena has shown excellent volleyball this year, giving joy and satisfaction to its fans.

“We experienced a positive year – comments coach Gianluca Graziosi – leaving behind us some teams that on paper might have seemed more competitive than ours. We reached the playoff final, this was definitely a positive year also for the growth of the boys and the group from the beginning of the season until its conclusion. The only regret for us was the Italian Cup, even if this year’s formula penalized us a bit. We came from an important tour de force in the playoffs, we had burned a lot of energy also from a nervous point of view. And after a few days we found ourselves playing against a team that had rested and which has highly experienced players on its roster who know what they’re doing. Brescia then did very well and also won the Italian Cup.”

Coach Graziosi continues: “We have experienced many beautiful and important matches already in the regular season. Interesting and fun races that gave us confidence and self-esteem. Let’s not forget the initial period of the championship in which we played away from PalaEstra, it was like playing away for practically two months. At the beginning we experienced difficulties, but with work we grew and the team was competitive without ever giving up. I remember sets in which we were clearly at a disadvantage that we managed to recover and win.”

“At the beginning we had an almost completely new group, with some guys who didn’t know each other at all – states the coach of Emma Villas Siena. – So in the initial phase of the championship there were the usual difficulties of a group that must amalgamate.