Game 3 of the Final for 3rd place Play Off Scudetto Credem Banca 2024 will be played on Wednesday 24 April at the IlT Daily Arena. After the defeat suffered on Saturday in Lombardy, Itas Trentino returns to face Allianz Milano in front of their home fans. Kick-off scheduled for 8.30pm: live on Radio Dolomiti and live streaming on the OTT platform VBTV.
HERE ITAS TRENTINO The yellow-blue team finds their friendly (tricoloured) pitch again with the aim of once again gaining the lead in the series, now stuck at 1-1, to boost their chances of qualifying for the Champions League. The chances of achieving this also depend on the progress in the game which can now be directed again by Riccardo Sbertoli, recovered in all respects as he demonstrated during Game 2 in Milan.
“It’s a series that lives on the edge of balance as the first two matches demonstrated, decided only by a handful of points at the tie break; we deserved to win game 1 and Milan did the same in game 2, playing better than us – explained coach Fabio Soli when introducing the match -. In view of game 3 we are working to increase the quality of our game and improve the agreements with the returning Sbertoli. We want the 2-1 point; to do this you will need vigor, determination and maximum attention to detail which, in races decided by a minimum gap like these, make the difference. There are only a few days left until the end of the season, we want to be competitive and to do so we need to spend every resource at our disposal.”
The team will complete the preparation for the appointment with this afternoon’s training and Wednesday morning’s training at the IL Daily Arena, still lamenting the absence of Lavia (low-grade injury to the rectus abdominis suffered the day after the conclusion of the Semifinal Play Off with Monza). It will be match number 1,042 in the men’s history of Trentino Volley, the 46th of the season (34 victories and 11 defeats), the 480th of all time at home where only 100 cases have resulted in defeat.
THE OPPONENTS Allianz Milano returns to Trento seven days after game 1 galvanized by the victory, the first of the season against the Italian Champions, obtained on Saturday evening at home which allowed them to bring the series that assigns one place back to a draw in the highest continental competition.