Last home match of the season for Tinet Prata who will host Consar Ravenna at PalaCrisafulli on Wednesday 1 May at 6pm to reach another historic milestone in this important season, the Final Four of the Del Monte Italian Cup of Serie A2.
To obtain qualification, the obstacle to overcome is not at all trivial. In fact, it is the Consar Ravenna that eliminated Passerotti from the promotion play-off race.
However, the PalaCrisafulli has never been violated by the Romagna players in previous seasons and this will give further energy to a Tinet that absolutely wants to give one last joy to the extraordinary Pordenone public.
The dream is precisely the Italian Final Four which will be played in Cuneo on 11-12 May.

Last performances in Romagna for Marco Bonitta, destined for the nascent US professional league and also for the 2004-born gems Orioli, Mancini and Bovolenta who is also on the list of 30 called up by the national coach Ferdinando De Giorgi for the next Volleyball Nations League matches, as the former Tinet Luca Porro.
The return match will be played on Sunday 5 May at 6.00 pm in Ravenna with the Golden Set rule: the Golden Set (at 15 points) is played only when two teams finish the home/return matches with the same number of points (3 are awarded points for wins 3-0 or 3-1, 2 points for winning the tie break and 1 point for losing the tie break). E.g. If a team wins the first leg 3-0 or 3-1, to qualify for the next round without playing the Golden Set they will have to win at least 2 sets in the return match.

The match at Tinet is framed by centre-back Simone Scopelliti: “We have started a different path – says place 3 – and the formula is also different compared to the one we used during the Round of 16. Regarding the series with Aversa we did well to confirm the advantage. The Golden Set formula will require even greater concentration because it will not allow even the slightest moment of distraction. This will have to happen from the first match and we will have to be very good at putting into practice everything we are trying in training from the first ball. The concentration on each ball must be maximum. We are very determined to end the season in front of our fans with a good victory. Considering the great support they have given us throughout the season, I think it is the right reward for them too”