Less than 24 hours after winning the second Scudetto in its history, Sir Susa Vim Perugia is still celebrating what was an almost perfect year, with the Block Devils managing to secure 4 titles (Del Monte® Coppa Italia , Del Monte® Super Cup and Club World Cup).

After the victory at the Opiquad Arena in Game 4 against Mint Vero Volley Monza, the celebrations began for the team led by Angelo Lorenzetti, who thus put his fifth Scudetto on the board (in 4 different cities, namely Piacenza, Modena, Trento and for Perugia), the second in a row. A night of celebration, returning to Perugia between songs and toasts, between choirs and smiles, that experienced by the Umbrians.

The one won by Sir yesterday is also the fifth “treble” in the history of Serie A: since the Super Cup was played (1996) only Treviso (2003/04 and 2004/05), Modena (2015/16) and Perugia (2017/18 and 2023/24) they managed to win the Super Cup, Italian Cup and Scudetto in the same season. The Block Devils are the first to hit “poker”, adding an international competition to their seasonal haul: in particular, for captain Leon and his teammates it was the Club World Championship won in Betim at the end of 2023.

Angelo Lorenzetti (coach Sir Susa Vim Perugia): “The boys couldn’t have done more in terms of results. They were the best in the final parts of the events, then we were also lucky and we must remember this for the next season which will be challenging. Next year I will finally play on the tricolor Taraflex, it is an honor to do it in Perugia, it will be something that we will try to defend, we will have to understand how. This is a group that has given a lot, a group that can and must grow because volleyball doesn’t wait for you, a group that has improved and that must take further steps forward. What if I imagined a season like this? I ended up in the right year, within this season there is the will of the boys and the work of the colleagues who preceded me and whom I thank.”

Gino Sirci (President Sir Susa Vim Perugia): “A perfect season with four titles, any president and any club can only be proud and happy. A thought goes to our coach who, with his way of doing things, manages to do well and get everyone to agree, staff, president and players. A special thought goes to our sponsors, me first, who finance these great champions who lead us to these great victories. And then I thank our audience because, you’ve all seen it, it’s wonderful.”

Roberto Russo (Sir Susa Vim Perugia): “My first Scudetto, being Italian Champion is an incredible sensation and emotion. This Final wasn’t easy and after sporting battles like this, winning is even better. An incredible season, thanks to the group because without the victories they don’t come. The fans? A show”.

Flavio Resende Gualberto (Sir Susa Vim Perugia): “This Scudetto is a lot. The season couldn’t have ended better than this. We had ups and downs during the year, but we were always all together, we started together and we finished great together. We have made many sacrifices and we deserve this victory.”

Sebastian Solè (Sir Susa Vim Perugia): “Doing better than this with four titles out of four was impossible. It’s a dream achieved, but we were consistent all year, working as a team and hard in the gym, always all together. This Scudetto is a gift for us, for our families, for the people of Perugia and for all those who have been close to us in the good times and especially in the less good ones. We are proud of ourselves and now we celebrate.”

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