In the sights is an explosive Cucine Lube Civitanova with the confirmation of the athletic trainer Massimo Merazzi, who has signed a two-year renewal on the eve of his fourteenth year on the red and white staff. Now an institution in the environment, with his work “Max” contributed to the winning cycle of the battleship which during his stay dominated for a long time in Italy, also climbing to the top of Europe and achieving the world title. The collaborator of the Cucina Club wants to help the team of Giampaolo Medei to open a new important cycle in the coming years, but he is already aiming to forge a team capable of presenting itself at the next SuperLega Credem Banca championship in the best possible state of form.

Massimo Merazzi (athletic trainer):

“I’m happy to have renewed, it’s not rhetorical. I have been linked to this club for a long time and I know how easy it is to re-propose the union when you win, relaunching the agreement during reconstruction phases has a different flavour. Feeling the trust of the Club is truly inspiring. We are used to having the full team only in the first championship matches without being able to work adequately with all the athletes due to commitments with the national teams, while in this 2024/25, after starting preparation with reduced ranks, we will have the The entire group will be available almost a month before the start of the top flight because the Olympics will end on 11 August and the Super League will begin at the end of September. After an indispensable and sacrosanct period of rest, all our members will be with us. A minimum of three or four weeks of activity with the national teams is a lot for me, while the others will do at least seven full. This way we will be able to study an appropriate program for everyone. Last year’s roster was heterogeneous, but apart from a disabling problem for Nikolov in the very last phase of the season and a few weeks of discomfort for Zaytsev there were no major critical issues. Three missteps affected the season: in the single match of the Italian Cup quarter-finals, in Game 5 of the Scudetto quarter-finals, the biggest disappointment, and in the double Champions League semi-final. I had prepared the team with the ambition of reaching the Italian Final and the team in the 5th Place Play Off sprint demonstrated that it was in fair condition with a final string of victories. It will be crucial in this new chapter, with such young elements, to play with the belief of reaching the end in all competitions because one of the processes for developing winning players is cultivating a champion mentality!”.