Exactly one year has passed since Michele Fedrizzi was announced and presented in the council room of the Grotese municipality as Yuasa Battery’s transfer coup for the last Serie A2 championship. Those who know volleyball, in fact, know how dominant the spiker from Trentino, born in 1991, can be in the national cadet category, and even the leaders of M&G Volleyball School were perfectly aware of this, so much so that they had waited for everything there was to wait for, even taking risks, just to get to him. Twelve months later, that wait and that choice have proven to be more appropriate than ever, given that today in Grottazzolina we are talking about Super League, a category never experienced by the small town of Fermo in over fifty years of history. And Michele Fedrizzi knows a lot about the top flight, having played there for 6 and a half seasons (distributed between Trento, Verona, Molfetta, Padua and Siena), for a total of just under two hundred appearances also seasoned with 14 appearances in the senior national team, with which also granted itself the luxury of a bronze medal at the 2013 World League. However, Fedrizzi’s palmares is also rich on the club front, given that with his Trento (with which he made his debut in Serie A1 on 15 November 2009 in a victorious 3-2 home win against Verona) won the Italian Cup and Champions League in 2010, a Super Cup in 2013 and a Scudetto in 2015. It also has a Junior League (2011) to its credit, in addition to everything that could be won in A2, or two Super Cups, the first in Bergamo in 2021 and the second in 2023 in Vibo, where he also achieved a historic treble with also promotion and the A2 Italian Cup. A winner, who now at the height of his technical maturity has also achieved a return to the top national league, entering the history of Grottazzolina as an absolute protagonist.