The weekly training sessions of Sir Susa Vim Perugia continue at work in view of the last day of the Super League regular season which will see the Block Devils engaged on Sunday in the difficult away match at the Allianz Cloud in Milan at the home of coach Piazza’s team.
Daily sessions at Pian di Massiano for the Bianconeri with coach Lorenzetti and his staff intent on developing technical-tactical issues also in view of the start of the championship playoffs with game 1 of the quarter-finals scheduled for Wednesday 6 March at 8pm: 30 at PalaBarton.
Sunday’s match in Milan will therefore be a great opportunity to test technical and physical condition against a high-level opponent who, unlike Perugia who is already sure of their second place in the playoff grid, is still in play for a position between fourth and the seventh together with Civitanova, Verona and Monza and will therefore take to the field determined and, so to speak, already in a post-season climate.

Twenty-ninth direct match and third of the season between the two clubs. The first two matches of this year demonstrated the great balance on the pitch with a victory for each side and always at tie break with Milano pirate in fifth at PalaBarton in the first leg of the Super League and with Perugia instead coming out on top 3-2 in Bologna in the semi-final of the Italian Cup.
The Allianz numbers are the reflection of the game that the Milanese team proposes on the pitch, made up of few errors (it is no coincidence that Milan is the Super League team that makes the fewest mistakes in attack, being very skilled at replaying on the opponent’s block) and of great quality in the break phase in the block-defense correlation (allianz is one of the best in the championship with 189 direct points, 2.33 per set).
At the individual level, the excellence of Loser stands out, the second best middle blocker for points scored behind Simon with 203 ground balls and the first in the Super League for winning blocks (64), Ishikawa and Kaziyski (returning from an injury and returning, but only in beaten, on the last day of the championship in Taranto), but Milan makes teamwork and synchronization between departments its great strength. Finally, the blue-tinted challenge in the control room between Simone Giannelli and Paolo Porro, certainly two of the best in the championship in the role, must be experienced.