As the end of the Super League regular season approaches, the Ionian team’s attention is turned towards the match scheduled for Sunday 3 March at 6pm between Gioiella Prisma Taranto and Saturnia Volley Catania. Although Gioiella Prisma Taranto is already mathematically safe and Saturnia Volley Catania is already relegated, the match still promises to be an exciting moment for both teams and their fans.

Gioiella Prisma Taranto, eager to end the season on a positive note, will try to maintain the momentum of recent victories and continue in the space given to the second rows with the young Apulians Luzzi and Paglialunga, as well as the Swede Ekstrand who performed well in the last home match. With a powerful game and a newfound good understanding in defence, the team will be determined to win the three points and give their fans one last victory to celebrate.

On the other hand, Saturnia Volley Catania, despite the relegation already decided, will have the opportunity to play freely and without pressure, showing off their talent and competitive spirit. The team could surprise with bold attacking plays and an aggressive defense, trying to end the season with a performance to remember.

Although the outcome of the match does not influence the positions in the standings, with Gioiella already mathematically eleventh and therefore also out of the play-offs in 5th place, an exciting and hard-fought match is still expected, with both teams giving their all to obtain victory. Volleyball fans can expect a high-quality spectacle and thrills as the two teams compete for the last time in this Super League season.

It remains to be seen which team will emerge victorious from this match and who will have the honor of ending the season with a memorable performance.

On the Sicilian court in the last match the young Filippo Santambrogio and the opposite Paul Buchegger took to the dribble, in the center Masulovic and Bossi, from the Massari and Basic gang, with the libero Pierri, but during the match almost the entire roster alternating, therefore Mister Bua will most likely use the same alternation against the Ionic team too.

Luca Paglialunga’s statements: “This last match in Catania will certainly close this positive season, as the objective was achieved a few days early. Obviously we will try to bring this race home to end this season on a high note and speaking from a personal point of view, I will certainly try to give my contribution when I am called upon.