Pleasant and welcome institutional visit for the Italian champions of Sir Susa Vim Perugia.
This morning a delegation from the team was received in the Red Room of the Palazzo dei Priori by the Mayor of Perugia Andrea Romizi and the Sports Councilor of the Municipality of Perugia Clara Pastorelli. The highest city officials brought greetings from the municipal administration and wanted to thank the Block Devils for the great season that has just ended and which culminated in the conquest of the championship with the delivery of a commemorative plaque. A season that brought Perugia and the city to the top of Italian volleyball and to the top of the world with the conquest of the Club World Cup. Below are the speeches of those present.
“These four cups – says the Councilor for Sport of the Municipality of Perugia Clara Pastorelli – represent for us as a municipal administration a reward for the hard work of synergy, a behind-the-scenes work made of passion and belief in what volleyball represents for Perugia and Umbria. Today we are honored to host you in the Red Hall of the Municipality, the sports hall and you represent the excellence of sport”.
“You have been close to us in all the vicissitudes,” explains President Sirci. “We are in a stupendous and historic building, just as our moment is historic, because in modern volleyball having won four cups is a real feat. Honor to these guys and the staff who accomplished this marvel.”
“In the ten years of my mandate which began in 2014 – concludes the Mayor of Perugia Andrea Romizi – I have seen a club, a fan base and great enthusiasm grow. As a Perugian I am proud because now they associate our city not only with chocolate and jazz but also with volleyball. As a society you have had this enormous ability, Perugia is you too, you are part of its identity and I gladly take compliments from others thanks to you. The work done has been rewarded by these trophies, it will be important to continue with the improvements based on what is necessary and your contribution is important. Thank you President, thank you all for these ten years together which will remain in history.”