The 2023-24 year enters the “hot” phase but fans and enthusiasts are divided between a present still full of matches and commitments and the strong interest in the strategies that will shape the future of the beloved Wolves. The president of the red and white club, Alberto Lami, spoke out on all these topics.

The volleyball season still has a lot to say, the final stages of all the championships are underway, but a good portion of it is already behind us. What is your opinion on the situation?

We are approaching the end of the regular season in the first three national championships, all extremely close and exciting. Obviously, there will then be the playoffs which will be able to shuffle the cards on the table and change the hierarchies. The playoffs are a separate championship, where the current state of form and the experience and aptitude of the individual athletes in playing certain games are very important. matches. Specifically in the A2 championship, everything still seems open and uncertain to me, both in terms of the playoff grid and in terms of salvation. This season there are neither teams that have “killed” the championship (even if Grottazzolina is having a superlative championship), nor mattress teams. So everything is still open and exciting to follow until the very last bars.

Beyond all this, where is volleyball going? Law on sports work, professionalism, membership reform. These are profound changes that will affect all realities, from the smallest to the largest.

The world of sport, and more specifically that of volleyball, is experiencing an epochal change. The route towards professionalism (or rather semi-professionalism) has been taken. But is the world of minor sports ready for this change??? I’m not saying it isn’t necessary, I just wonder if the societies of this world are ready for this change. In my opinion, companies are experiencing this moment very badly as they are groping in a fog of absolutely unprofitable uncertainty. It is not possible to make medium-term plans (let alone for a long time!!!) since there are no certainties as to what the rules will be. In my house, first you know the rules of the game, then you start the game with those who accept them. Instead, in our sport, we start playing with rules that are presumably valid, and then these are changed along the way.