There were 72 sleepless hours that the Grotese club spent from the last ball dropped on Wednesday evening against Ravenna, to arrive on time for an appointment which, regardless of the outcome, already smacks of history. On Sunday 21 April at 6pm, Yuasa Battery Grottazzolina will play the first act of the final series in its facility from which the queen of the cadet championship will emerge, or rather the new twelfth participant in the Super League championship.
Emma Villas Siena the prestigious final opponent, a team with a strong presence from the Marche region but above all an expert team, as well as the last in order of time to have tested the highest national category. The club of the very passionate president Bisogno, in fact, was there in 2022-23, battling on the most prestigious fields in Italy in a Super League that saw them relegated by just one point behind Taranto. And after a few months, after a championship that started quietly and ended with a crescendo, Siena is once again one step away from returning to Olympus.
Tough opponent, therefore, first of all because he is already used to winning, but also because we have always been talking about an ambitious and well-equipped club. And it couldn’t have been any other way, in the end the best horses always arrive, and perhaps never before has the outcome of the A2 race been hanging by a thread like this year. Since the quarter-finals, very strong and complete teams have been battling it out; and really anything could happen. In the end, for a handful of balls and points, Grottazzolina and Siena will play the final act, and may the best team win.