The three consecutive victories in the last matches of the group are already behind us for Rana Verona, fully projected into the semi-final of this final phase of the SuperLega. On Monday evening the Scaligeri will face Valsa Group Modena at home and two days before the match, Coach Stoytchev spoke at the press conference to present this appointment:

These are his words: “A few days have passed since the last match against Modena; so, there aren’t many different things to say. We face an opponent with expert players who know how to manage various situations and many interesting young players. In batting they know how to do damage with Sapozhkov, Davyskiba and Rinaldi, in attack they have the same percentages as us, counting all the matches played so far. It’s difficult to pass against Sapozhkov, Davyskiba knows how to read the game well and Stankovic knows how to be decisive in important moments. It’s another match, I’m under no illusions about the previous result and a lot will depend on our approach. They will come hungry to win. Coming first in the group doesn’t count if we don’t win the semi-final. We are focused on this match.”

Then he continued: “Psychological pitfalls? They come to people who are not trained and prepared for the game. In these cases, insecurities emerge. Of course, many reasons can be given for a defeat, but I think about entering the field at my best and doing everything I can to earn every single point. We’ll do the explanations and analyzes later. I don’t think about the possible pitfalls. Let’s work so that what happened against Lube doesn’t happen again. It’s normal for young teams to have tension before important matches, but it’s a problem that I solve with work, I don’t know any other method. In the end, it’s the pitch that shows.”