Video Check System (2012)

In the winter of 2011, the CEO of the Serie A Volleyball League, Massimo Righi, decided to invest in a proprietary “instant replay system”, which had precise characteristics: cheap, manageable by a single operator, modular.

The project is entrusted to the deputy director Fabrizio Rossini who, after having named it Video Check System, writes the first basic rules with the famous “C” gesture and designs the user interface.

The software is written in collaboration with Advanced Technologies and the first prototype is brought to the field odf play, exclusively from an experimental point of view, at Modena Supercup on 30 September 2012. Since that day, the hardware and software system has been revised several times until his debut in the Italian Cup Final Four in Assago on 29 and 30 December of the same year. That was the first competition where the system was actually used as a refereeing tool (controlling In and Out balls exclusively). Starting from the Play-off Semi-finals of the same season, on 10 April 2013, the system was used for the Play-off Semi-finals and Finals for the Scudetto. Calls for service fouls were also included in these matches. Video Check has become fully operational throughout the season (Championship and Events) starting from 2013-2014.

The system was based on a 12-camera layout (boundary lines and net, one camera aimed at the score) until the summer of 2016. Only in events and starting from the 2016 Semi-finals, the system is expanded to 18 cameras to detect block touches. On these occasions a third referee is also sent on site by the Federation.

In 2016/17 Data Project joins the project and create a new software and a different hardware system, partly based on the previous one. The cameras become 17.

Serie A2 is also involved. All the teams receive the Video Check System in the 14 camera version (including the block touches with just one trio of cameras).

In 2019/20, with the birth of Serie A3, even the new clubs will receive the 14-camera system.

In 2020/21 a new system for the SuperLega with 21 cameras is released.

The national and international marketing and distribution is entrusted to Genius Sports: in 2022 the system had more than 400 licenses worldwide.