Alberto Elia talks about the victory against Taviano

Premier Hotels Crema: Alberto Elia, “Pupo” for the supporter talks about the match won at the tiebreak against Taviano.
“We got two points and this is important, even if it has not been a perfect match but with a lot of errors! But it is also important to point out that the team had to find emergency solutions because of Jankovic injury. The most important thing is that we won and we are now alone at the top of the standing. Even if get promoted is not our main goal we want to do well in this Championship: it is something we owe to the Club, to us and most of all to the amazing crowd and supporters of Crema that never stop help us and support us. I am happy about the way I played even if what counts is the team result. We can still improve a lot and that’s why we worked pretty hard everyday”.

Tomorrow the team will depart to Cagliari where on Wednesday will play against Tiscali Cagliari.