Victory, finally!!!

Alessano had the better of Cibita Castellana on a 3-1 score thanks to an excellent team display. Cernic and co had lost the opening set but managed to fight back to dominate the next three and give its fans this first victory of the season.

“Right now we need to believe in ourselves and take as many points as we can – said Piscopo who scored 16 points – I am satisfied with our performance although we can definitely play better. All the hard work is finally paying off and our understanding on court is getting better”.

Aurispa Alessano: Pellegrino 9, Jeliazkov 17, Cernic 14, Bolla 9, Piscopo 16, Torsello 7, Bisanti (L), Mazza, Piazza dnp., Muccio dnp., Marzo dnp., Russo (L) dnp. Coach. Bramato

Globo Scarabeo Civita Castellana: Paolucci 1, Da Silva Costa 12, Marinelli 13, Puliti 11, Alborghetti 5, Menicali 3, Cesarini (L), Tataru 6, Marsili 1, Santilli 2, Sacripanti, De Matteis, Testalepre dnp. Coach. Spanakis