Comunicato Stampa della Lega Pallavolo Serie A

30th Anniversary of Lega Volley, with a special logo and a documentary directed by Marco Caronna, a magic atmosphere at Zanhotel Centergross in Bentivoglio (BO), live streaming on Lega Volley Channel.

The event for the introduction of 73° Lega Volley championship was introduced and presented by Rai journalist and anchorman Alessandro Antinelli, withthe salute of Lega Volley President  Paola De Micheli.

Three decades of the best volleyball in the world, expressed with the dance show of Valentina Marino, the percussions of Simone Talone, and X Factor 2017 singer Alessandra Silva Fortes, played live Damian Rice’s song “Blower’s daughter”.

Fipav President Bruno Cattaneo introduced the federation, the second in Italy after football, speaking about the good relationship with Lega Volley, also speaking about the controversy with Ivan Zaytsev.

President Paola De Micheli saluted the representatives of French League and Belgian League, introducing the outstanding job Lega Volley is doing, speaking about the model that Lega Volley is spreading in Italy, always looking forward changes and improvements.

Suggestive moments on the screen with the clip about last Unipolsai Superleague season.
Ceo Massimo Righi confirmed the increase of the volleyball movement, with a growing interest of big newspapers like Gazzetta dello Sport, and the comeback of plenty of top players.
In the season calendar, the team will face 16th of final of Del Monte Italian Cup, starting 4th october, with Eighth Finals 18th october and Final Four next 27th 28th January 2018.
Del Monte® Serie A2 Italian Cup: Quarterfinals 29th november 2017, Semifinals 21st december 2017, Final 28th january 2018.

Serie A2 UnipolSai will start next 24th september with Girone Bianco and Girone Blu, while the first Italian trophy and event will take place 7th and 8th october in Civitanova Marche, Del Monte® Supercup, with Superleague first round scheduled 15th october.
Cucine Lube Civitanova, with president Albino Massacesi, has been celebrated for the double Superleague-Italian Cup, and Azimut Modena recevied, with DG Andrea Sartoretti, the banner with the 2016 Supercup.
Veteran journalist Carlo Gobbi received the Premio Pistelli, dedicated to famouse journalist Adelio, who passed away in 2015, with Massimo righi and Adelio’s widow Silvana in a very emotional award.

Bcc Castellana Grotte Pino Lorizio received by president De Micheli the award of Superleague access, and Costa Anderlini’s Trophy as Serie A2 Coach of the Year.

Giammarco Bisogno, Emma Villas Siena’s president received the award for Del Monte Italian Cup Serie A2, Kioene Padova Press Officer Alberto Sanavia won “Roberto Stracca” trophy as best Superleague press office, and Gennaro Groppi’s Emma Villas Siena’s presso officer won the same trophy for Serie A2.

Superleague referee Andrea Puecher won Premio Lega Ilario Toniolo 2016/17, and Marco Turtù of Serie A2 won Premio di Lega Cesare Massaro 2016/17. As CEO Massimo Righi said, “we have the best referees in the world”.

In the end, Lega Volley welcomed brand new Serie A2 teams, Messaggerie Bacco Catania, Acqua Fonteviva Massa, Gioiella Micromilk Gioia del Colle, together with the teams who earned the rights, Mosca Bruno Bolzano and Pag Taviano.