Next 21st august will start Calzedonia Verona’s season

With coach Nikola Grbic involved in European Championships next fall august early september, Calzedonia Verona will start the 2017/2018 Superleague training camp next 21st august with assistant coach Giancarlo D’Amico.
The first rally of the season will see Calzedonia without some players, involved with national teams. The players present will be veteran setter Adriano Paolucci, middle blockers Emanuele Birarelli, Stefano Mengozzi and Aleks Grozdanov, opposite Mitar Djuric, spiker Federico Marretta and libero Thomas Frigo. 

Together with coach D’Amico, there will be assistant Flavio Di Giorgio, scout man Fabio Dalla Fina and Physiotherapist Leonardo Arici.