Parodi ready for next season

Simone Parodi happy and ready to play for the second season with Lpr Piacenza: “I’m very happy for this extension, we have a good team with good players. I wanted to stay in Piacenza, that’s the place I wanted. I working hard in practice, now I’m 100 per cent, so I expect to play more sets in next season”.

SETTERS: Michele Baranowicz, Francesco Cottarelli
OPPOSITES: Alessandro Fei, Yvan Arthur Kody
SPIKERS: Trévor Clévenot, Leonel Marshall, Simone Parodi, Tamir Avraham Hershko
MIDDLE BLOCKERS: Aimone Alletti, Viktor Yosifov
LIBEROS: Loris Manià, Ludovico Giuliani