60th Anniversary of Lupi celebrated with enthusiasm

The day designated for the evening of the 60th anniversary of the “Lupi” began with a training session. Designated opponent: Ermgroup S. Giustino (A3). Kemas Lamipel won in all four sets played. After the commitment on the field, managers, technicians and players reached Piazza Matteotti, in S. Croce sull’Arno, already set up for a party with banquets and street food as part of the “S. Croce in Piazza ”, organized by Confcommercio and sponsored by the Municipality. The two designated presenters, Francesco Rossi, from the press office of the Wolves, and Maurizio Zini, journalist of Teletruria, partner broadcaster, took the stage. The first to speak was the vice president Alberto Lami, who read a speech signed by the president Piero Conservi, who was absent for health reasons. Conservi was keen to thank the attendees and above all the many sponsors who, with their constant support, allow the company and the project to move forward with plans and prospects of absolute ambition. Afterwards, the new general manager Dario Da Roit and the head of social promotion Giacomo Gozzini were introduced (together they introduced the Sportability project linked to inclusiveness and sport); the director of the Teletruria network, Luca Caneschi, greeted the square, noting the collaboration agreement in place between the popular TV and the company of the Wolves. After the greetings part, we moved on to the actual presentation, with the parade on stage of all the teams making up the red and white youth sector, preceded by the coaching group in full force. Sara Folegnani, Francesca Minicozzi, Matteo Frangioni, Emanuele Marchi, Matteo Morando, Michele Bulleri, Giulia Genovesi, Alessandro Pagliai, Vincenzo Mastrangelo took the stage. Absent, Maria Grazia Pieraccioni. The following were presented, in order: Minivolley group, Under 12 female, Under 13 female, Under 13 male, Under 16 female, Under 15 male, Under 18 female, Under 17 male, Third, Second and First Division female. To close this part, the Under 19 / Serie B men’s group, very applauded. While waiting for the first team, the general manager Da Roit took the microphone again to talk about the consortium members, that is the volleyball companies that have joined the “Lupi Volley School” project: Virtus Orentano, Monte Serra Volley, Volleyball Fucecchio, Pieve Volley, Volleyball Delfino Pescia, UPC Camaiore. Physically present in the square, Monte Serra and Fucecchio: both realities took the stage and were able to speak and introduce themselves.