A project with strong youthful hues is confirmed, those carried out by Leo Shoes Casarano which, in the past few hours, has scored a very important entry shot: the talented Alessandro Fanizza class of 2004 arrived at the court of Mister Licchelli.

The most recent winner, with the Materdomini Castellana shirt, of the national under 19 title, an event in which he was also elected as MVP, Fanizza was signed by the Via Carlo Magno club who managed to snatch the Apulian director from competition from various companies, including those of a higher category.

Reading his palmares one can think of having an already experienced and highly experienced athlete in front of him, but this is not the case: at just 18 years old, Alessandro has already won two championships (under 13 in 2017, under 19 in 2022), the Boy League in 2017, the Trophy of the Regions in 2019, in addition to the various individual awards obtained during the various competitions and the numerous appearances in the youth national teams where he now plays on a permanent basis.

In the last three seasons, the new red-blue setter has been the protagonist in Serie B first in the ranks of Gioia del Colle and then with the Materdomini shirt.

These are Fanizza’s statements after reaching an agreement with the sporting director Luigi Anastasia: “I can’t wait to start, it’s a beautiful and exciting challenge that I proudly accept. I know that the cheering is very hot and it will be exciting to defend the colors of this shirt. “