Alfonso Manzi with Massalubrense

Alfonso Manzi

The technical staff of Folgore Massa is enriched with a new entry in the role of assistant coach, to offer valuable technical support to head coach Nicola Esposito and his deputy Morgan Celentano.

Fresh from the experience in Ottaviano, Alfonso Manzi arrives in green-and-white!

After Ottaviano’s experience, you will play the Serie A taraflex again, assisting coaches Esposito and Celentano at the Folgore Massa. How did the opportunity for this new experience come about?

“Everything took place at great speed in the first days of June, and a phone call with the president and mister Esposito was enough to choose the Folgore. I already knew the seriousness of the club, and I was struck by the importance of a rapidly growing project that aims to make the Sorrentine Peninsula a happy oasis of volleyball. Serie A is a source of pride for the coast, and the management deserves to have reached it after so many top championships played in Serie B ”.

Volleyball runs through your veins. When did the spark with this sport strike, and what were your previous experiences both as a player and as a manager?

“I have been playing volleyball since I was 6 years old, and as an athlete I made it up to Serie B. Then due to some injuries, I started very early to look towards a career as a coach. After the first experiences in my country in Sant’Antonio Abate in the youth sector of Abatese Volley, I worked for two seasons in Serie C in Pompeii in the role of head coach. The sacrifices always pay off, and then came the call of Octavian in Serie A as the second of mister Mosca. A formative year in many respects, which opened many doors to me, including that of the Folgore Massa that I did not hesitate to accept in order to continue growing. ”

How did you live your first season in Serie A and what was the best moment?

“The moments I remember with the most joy are basically two. First of all, the debut: for the first time playing a Serie A taraflex, for those who experience volleyball at 360 ° like me, it is an indescribable emotion. A point of arrival that knows a lot of a starting point, because after having tasted Serie A there is a great desire to stay there with humility and dedication. Immediately after that I put on the last game of the season, that is Game 3 of the play-outs against Galatina, which allowed us to win salvation on the pitch at the end of a very troubled season. From a professional point of view I have grown a lot, and I take this opportunity to express all my gratitude to coach Mosca again. “