Two weeks of work for Taranto

The athletic training of the rossoblù has come to the end of the second week of work: after the first days dedicated to general medical, orthopedic, physiotherapy, nutritional visits, the athletes alternated physical sessions in the weight gym at Gym ’83 in Taranto with technical sessions at the Pala Mazzola.

Physical exercises of various kinds were made including paths of dexterity and skill, dynamism, athletics, proprioception and sessions in the pool, the latter concluded just this morning in the location of the Masseria Camardia in Sava.

Space also for team building and setting in the city of Taranto, thanks to various events organized, with the first meeting organized at the Virgilio Gardens on Monday 1 August, the visit to the athlete’s tomb at the MarTa National Archaeological Museum on Tuesday, and the ‘aperitif at the sponsor Masseria Camardia today, during which the boys were able to interact as a team, also knowing different professional figures among the staff, sponsors and fans.

The first statements of the protagonists

Tommaso Stefani (opposite): “It was wonderful for me to start over because I spent a summer of preparation in Taranto alone and then when all my teammates arrived it was finally a party for me. These first two weeks have gone great, we have not yet started the intense work at the ball level, we have done more exercises for the breath and precisely from preparation but the group is fantastic. They are all really smart guys, I must say that this year too we have been very lucky to find certain teammates. After these first two weeks where we have just smelled the ball, next week we will start working from a technical point of view more in depth and getting closer and closer to what will be the typical training we will do during the championship, so we can’t wait. even to start again next week “.