Approaching next tough season

Morgan Celentano

A very close-knit couple. One glance is enough to understand each other, and raise the bar year after year. The historical idyll continues, and MORGAN CELENTANO will be the trusted second and right hand of coach Nicola Esposito for the eighth season!

Eighth season in a row for you at the Folgore Massa. A very long idyll, both with the coach and with the club: how simple was it to further extend your relationship with Folgore?

“Very easy. Trust is an essential element in every field, and even more so in the field of sport. In eight years a wonderful relationship of esteem and respect has been established with the coach Esposito, so we go on in a serene way and with great enthusiasm ”.

The first season in Serie A ended with the salvation obtained well in advance: what is your best memory, and how much desire is there to resume the path you have taken?

“The impact was tough, because there is a lot of difference between Serie B and A3. We have made a big leap, and I must say that we have done quite well. The goal at the beginning of the season was to achieve a peaceful salvation, but then the results started to smile at us and the appetite comes with eating as they say. We qualified for the Italian Cup by surprise, and it was a shame to miss the play-off appointment by just one point. We must not look for excuses: the faults are ours alone, and there is still so much regret for the finish line faded on the woolen thread. Winning access to the post-season phase as a freshman would have been the icing on the cake of an overall positive season “.

The resumption of training is approaching, with a new cycle to be rebuilt. How important will it be to find the right amalgam immediately to start off on the right foot?

“The understanding is the fundamental key. I got to know the boys for a while: they are all highly motivated, just like us coaches when there is a new group to shape. There are only three weeks left, and we can’t wait to get back to working hard in the gym. ”

All the rosters have made an important transfer campaign, and the level of the championship will be even higher. With what ambitions does the Folgore Massa start again?

“This year will be even tougher: everyone has strengthened themselves, and there are some teams already built and equipped for the higher category. We, like every year, will try to improve the result of the previous season. We will do our best in every game to win as many points as possible, and then in the end we will sum it up ”.