Approaching the season

Il roster, lo staff tecnico e le figure dirigenziali

Everything is ready in the home of OmiFer Palmi volleyball “Franco Tigano” to face the Regular Season 2022/23 “Girone Blu” of the Serie A3 Credem Banca championship which, next 8 October, will see the boys of Mr. Antonio Polimeni play the first match in home against the M2G Green Bari. In a suggestive private location immersed in the greenery of the renowned seaside resort of Tonnara di Palmi, the members of the company organization chart, the technical staff and, above all, the 14 athletes, coming from all over the world, were presented. ‘Italy and beyond, which will form a young but quality squad. At the interventions table, the provincial president of Fipav, Domenico Panuccio; the general manager of OmiFer Palmi, Giuseppe Carbone; the Municipal Councilor for Sport, Giuseppe Magazzù; the coach Polimeni and Professor Mariarosa Bonaccorso. There are many initiatives illustrated and the topics addressed during the event, among all the thorny one of the temporary unavailability of a sports facility, a circumstance that, for some time, despite the excellent results obtained on the field, has forced the company to compete in internal matches in Reggio Calabria .