Approaching the start of the season

Gas Sales Bluenergy Volley Piacenza is ready for its season debut on Sunday 2 October in SuperLega Credem Banca at PalabancaSport against WithU Verona. Challenge number 10 is the one coming against the Venetian team. There are 9 precedents between the two teams in Regular Season and Play Off 5th place.

The balance is 7 successes for the red and white, while on 2 occasions it was the Scala sextet who rejoiced. Last season in the Regular Season one success for each side while in the Play Offs 5th place there were two victories for Gas sales Bluenergy Volley Piacenza, one in the group and the other in the semifinals.

The match with the highest score between the two teams dates back to the third first leg of the 2019-2020 season, when Verona won the tie break (25-22, 25-27, 25-23, 18-25, 15-13 ) and the game recorded 218 overall points. As for the “hard-fought” set, however, we talk about the 2020-2021 season: the group of Play Offs 5th Place the first set went in fact to the Venetians away for 29-27, but then it was Gas Sales Bluenergy Volley Piacenza in to establish themselves 32 to 30, but then it was the cooks who imposed themselves by overturning the outcome of the match (3-2).

The easiest part with Verona (25-11), Gas Sales Bluenergy Volley Piacenza won it at PalabancaSport last season in the semifinal of the Play Offs 5th place.

On the occasion of the match on Sunday 2 October (8.30 pm) with WithU Verona, the PalabancaSport ticket office will be open from 11.00 to 13.00 and from 19.00: in addition to buying tickets for the race, it will also be possible to collect the season ticket.