Bergamo left the athletes for the off season

In the past few days, the Company has received the thanks from the whole team for having dismissed all the athletes and staff of the 2021-22 season and honored the sporting relationship in the most professional way in full compliance with the contractual deadlines by the end of May. All the administrative obligations of the League have also been observed.

The Presidency and the whole management were therefore able to sit down immediately at the “table” to plan the guidelines for the new season as early as June 3.

On Friday evening the first working table of the Gioiella Prisma Taranto staff met. It was the technical and medical staff, who outlined the first macro programming of the season.

The meeting was attended by the President Tonio Bongiovanni and the Vice President Elisabetta Zelatore who thanked the members of the previous staff in their heartfelt speech and underlined the philosophy of Gioiella Prisma Volley based on the sense of belonging to the Club, competence, professionalism and humanity. The General Manager Vito Primavera and the technical manager Vincenzo Di Pinto then took the floor and welcomed the whole team, introducing it to the working group.

The words of Mister Di Pinto:

“I join the thanks given by the Presidency and DG Primavera to the winning team of the season just ended, in particular to the sporting director Corsano, my assistant coach Di Lascio and the scoutman Ceccarini who, together with the Physiotherapist Portulano, the osteopath Fumarola and the Sansolini doctor will not continue working with the Prisma for other work needs. We have therefore decided to strengthen and enrich these two working areas, distinguishing the technical and medical one from the other competent and highly qualified figures, starting with the new Team Manager Simone Sardanelli to follow mister Paolo Zambolin (present in the videocall) who will be the new assistant coach and Flavio Rocca (present in the videocall from Turin) with a dual role of scoutman and assistant fitness trainer. The technical area will also be composed of the head trainer Pascal Sabato who will coordinate the fitness and athletic activities.