For Leonardo Colli, captain and flag of Kemas Lamipel, the numbers speak. Eight seasons with the red and white shirt on, without ever betraying. The first, with the Wolves in B1, in 2014-15. The last one, this one just ended: perhaps the best, from the point of view of team results and personal feedback. In all this time, the points in the Serie A2 championship, compared to 162 games, were 1387, of which 156 in batting. A captain who is a point of reference on and off the field, as well as being one of the best “S2” players in the tournament: precise in reception, always present when called up, incisive in the service. The news of the confirmation was in the air but the fans still lived the wait with some trepidation. Born in Pontedera on March 15, 1996, he is preparing to live the ninth year at the Pala Parenti.
Her words:
“I am very happy with this reconfirmation and I thank the managers for having once again placed their trust in me for the ninth consecutive year. For this new season I feel energized and motivated and certainly my will is to do my utmost to try to reach increasingly important goals, both individually and as a team “.
“The team is almost completely new and we will certainly have to be good at creating a serene but productive working climate. We will have to get to know each other and identify our strengths and weaknesses: the first of course to make the most of them and the second to work on them and possibly eliminate them or in any case limit them “.
“In this I am sure that the new coach Mastrangelo will be able to give us a great hand: in all these years there have been many times I have found him on the other side of the net and he has always seemed to me a very prepared, astute coach, combative and charismatic, able to give the right energy to the players and encourage everyone to bring out the best of themselves to make it available to the team. Certainly the numbers and the trophies won last year confirm this thought of mine; this year we will be lucky enough to have him on our side. Speaking of the market supported by the club, I think it is of a high level: I know (volleyball speaking) all the newcomers and I find that all of them are quality and level players for the category “.
“In conclusion, therefore, I believe that there are all the right ingredients to do well and give emotions to our fans. I can’t wait to get started, as I said I am very energized and motivated. I send a big hug to all the supporters of the Wolves and I can’t wait to see everyone at Pala Parenti to cheer for us !! Come on Lupi!