Matteo Picchio back in Cantù

Another return to the Pool Libertas Cantù. This is the libero Matteo Picchio, who for the second time will be Luca Butti’s deputy. The player from Monza returns to the Canturina team after only one year of absence, in which he has gained an important experience in Superlega among the ranks of the Top Volley Cisterna.

“The return of Matteo Picchio – comments Coach Francesco Denora -, like that of the other boys, demonstrates how much good this club has done, and that convinces the players to return after other experiences. This can only be an added value that will push us to do well. Matteo also gained an important experience in Superlega, which certainly made him grow. I am sure he will give us a great hand in the fundamentals of the second row, forming an excellent pair of Liberi with Butti ”.

“I was very happy to receive the call from Ambrogio (President Molteni, ed) – says the free man from Brianza -, above all because I felt wanted and really appreciated him, so my thanks go to him. I felt very comfortable in Cantù, and as soon as I had the chance I went back. In my opinion, last season went well: at the start we were not among the favorites, but we took some satisfaction, such as qualification for the Scudetto Play-Offs and the final of the Play-Offs 5th place, then lost to Gas Sales. Piacenza. On a personal level I feel grown, which was my goal at the beginning of the year, and I come back stronger than before. The next championship will be difficult: seeing the signings that the other teams are making, it will be tough. But I think that we too have built a good team, very balanced, and we will certainly be able to carve out our space, maybe even in the Play-Offs. I already know the environment and there are the conditions to work well, both with the staff and with the coach, with whom I have already spoken and he seems to me very competent. On a personal level, I would like to carve out my space: with the experience in SuperLega I think I have grown, and I hope to be able to do even better in Serie A2 “.