Captain Tiberti still in charge

For Simone Tiberti the eighth confirmation in blue and white and a balance sheet, always in surplus, which is not yet closed. “The stimuli are still there, I find them every year in the many opponents who continue to increase the level of the category”

The yes of Simone Tiberti – almost 42 years old, father of two small children – was not taken for granted in season number 22 in Serie A, and instead he is the first to reassure: “Physically I’m fine and the desire to play is not lacking … I see that I still get angry every time we lose – says the captain of the Tucans with a smile -. I find the stimuli from year to year in my adversaries: ours is a close-knit group, which we know well, while whoever you find on the other side of the net continues to ignite the spark of competition in me. The next A2, with the possibility of having two foreigners on the field, will be of an even higher level and we will be able to witness even more exciting challenges ”.