Training at Emma Villas Aubay Siena will resume tomorrow and on Friday (2 September) it will already be time for the first test match of this pre-season phase. In fact, Kemas Lamipel Santa Croce will arrive at PalaEstra for the first friendly match that will be able to give feedback on the physical condition of the team and on the construction of group alchemy. The start of the challenge will be at 18.

The Sienese, after the retreat made in the Coni Olympic training center in Tirrenia, in the province of Pisa, are now in their third week of work in Viale Sclavo. The match against Santa Croce was the last official match of the last Serie A2 championship and will now also be the first friendly match of this pre-season. Entrance to the PalaEstra will be free to attend the test match.

The biancoblu will then make their debut in the league on Sunday 2 October in Trento. The first official home match will instead be seven days later, Sunday 9 October, against Perugia. Remaining in the pre-season, however, the second match for the Sienese will be Saturday 10 September in Grottazzolina against Videx. Seven days later, on Saturday 17th September, Emma Villas Aubay Siena will play a friendly match at the PalaBarton in Perugia against Sir.

On the first day of the World Cup, in the meantime, three successes arrived for the biancoblu players involved in the greatest international event. Italy (whose roster is the opposite Giulio Pinali) won 3-0 against Canada; Serbia, where spiker Nemanja Petric plays, defeated Ukraine 3-0. The Netherlands, and among the oranges there is also the hitter Maarten Van Garderen, beat Egypt 3-0.