Enthusiasm in Garlasco

Ph. Massimo Battaini

Having arrived during the current season and confirmed with salvation reached, coach Vittorio Bertini continues his adventure at the helm of the A3 team of Volley 2001 Garlasco for the 2022/23 season. Already passed by Garlasco in the 2016/17 season, Bertini resumed command of the first men’s team in January 2022, to raise the fortunes of the Pavia team and ferry it to safety in the first season in the A3 series.

After confirming the technical guide, the work with DS Savino Di Noia in the composition of a squad for the 2022/23 season has brought great surprises. First of all the name of Stefano Giannotti, “who at the beginning of the market we could not even imagine being able to reach, considering it too far above our expectations – explains Bertini – but along the way we realized that many athletes recognized the seriousness of the company, which for many years has established itself in excellent volleyball; even the salvation gained in the first year in A3 certainly has its weight and in general the club is creating a very high reputation. Therefore, an applause to Savino for having pursued important goals and for having composed this squad ”.

There are many news for the 2022/23 season, starting with Federico Moro who will work alongside mister Bertini on the bench as second coach, leaving the role of athlete to put his technical skills to good use on the bench: “My relationship with Moro is long date: since I found him at Asystel Milano in 2006, then I had him in pink in Vimercate, in Saronno, a first time in Garlasco in 2016, then in Turin and finally last season we met here in A3 . He is an extraordinary person and a charismatic athlete – comments the coach – it was time for him to put all his experience to good use in another role. It will be useful to have him in the team for his recent history as an athlete and locker room man ”.